Monday, January 16, 2017

When Will the Results be Visible?

As the third week of the 2017 Tabata Challenge has started, some might be asking how long before results are visible. At this point you are certainly seeing an increase in repetitions. You feel stronger because you are stronger. Pull-ups may still be a bit rough, but you are doing more than at the first of the month. Push-ups and squats are being cranked out at a faster pace and with better form. Of course, you have dropped a few pounds. But, when will they start to see how hard you are working?
                Meanwhile you’ve been watching commercials and ads about quick weight loss and dropping sizes and shrinking this and that … stay strong! You are making progress. Things take time. Your discipline and grit will pay off.
                You have to keep several variables in mind. While you’re losing body fat you are also gaining muscle. Muscle is heavier than fat, so your fat loss is going to clearly be offset by muscle gains. Both of which are happening at the same time.
                That being said, most people who are exercising regularly and eating a healthy, not hefty, but healthy diet can expect to lose an average of 2 pounds each week. This puts me right in line with what we are talking about. Coming into the third week I am down six pounds. Just on the far side of the bell curve, but not unexpected.
                The question still remains is when our friends, coworkers, classmates, and others will do a double take. At four weeks you will certainly see changes when you look in the mirror. You already see changes in your physical performance when doing your workout. In week four you will certainly see the difference in your reflection.
                At around week eight your friends should be taking note of your new physique. It is far more noticeable now. Not just in your posture, your walk, or your confidence, although those features will absolutely benefit. Friends are going to see that your shirts fit differently and your pants are filling out with firmer flesh. The reality is that you may have to start buying new clothes to fit your new body.
                Keep training and eating smart and, from 12 weeks on, the rest of the world will notice. The barista who sells you your coffee will see you’ve changed. The rest of your office will see.The infographic below I found will summarize this nicely.
                All of this attention is really great. The truly important thing to recognize is that, from day one, you are worth every bit of what you are investing in yourself. You are making the greatest investment in the most important person, yourself.

                From the No-Cost-No-Frills-No-Excuses Basement Gym, Train hard. Train safe. Train smart.

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