Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Been a while

It's been a LONG time since I opened this blog. Finally got back to it. My current fitness goal is to get lean. Now, right up front, I am no doctor, not a trainer, not certified. I am writing about what is working for me. Before you try ANYTHIG I do talk to your doctor! You do NOT want to do harm to yourself doing something your physician would smack you for.

I have been working at this for two weeks with solid regularity. That is to say, that I have been following my routine very closely. My body fat percentage started out at about 25%. Two weeks in my body fat has dropped to 19%. My weight has gone from 218 pounds to 209 pounds.

I am staying with a calorie defector diet that is focused on quality foods. Plenty of water, protein, and carbohydrates are how I eat. That looks like regular food, not protein shakes, loopy diet plans, and so forth. Fresh eggs, milk, bread, meats. I practice portion control.

The workout I do is simple. No gym membership or specialized equipment at all. A monkey bar set, good sneakers, and a place to run is all this routine requires.

*Pyramid Push Ups 5-10-15-10-5
*Pyramid Pull Ups    1-2-3-2-1
Jumping Jacks 300 (no, you don't have to start there, but do warm up and start sweating before you run/jog/walk fast)
Crunches 2 minutes
Windmills 2 minutes
Walk Fast/Jog/Run for 30 minutes

Explanation time! Pyramiding is simple and deceptive. In my list above I do 1 pull up with strict form for the first set. I do 5 push ups with strict form and exploding out of the bottom. Next us 2 pull ups and 10 push ups. Simple enough?

For windmills stand straight up with your feet at shoulders width and your arms straight out on each side. If you think about it you will look sort of like Da Vinci's Man. In one movement with your arms straight out bend over and reach for your left toes with your right hand. Stand back up and reach for your right toe with your left hand. For both the windmills and crunches I don't generally cout repetitions, I just focus on keeping moving for the entire two minutes.

What this routine does is hit your fat stores from two directions. First, by building stronger lean body mass (stronger muscles) you increase the rate your body burns calories while you are resting. The cardio aspect burns calories while you are performing the exercises.

Start at the top and work your way down the list and challenge yourself. Have fun doing it!