Condition level: Beginner Commando
Exercise type: Bodyweight High lactic acid threshold training workout
Goal: Fat loss, coordination, strength, and stamina
Duration: Three months, 3 times per week workout
Session length: 30-40 minutes per workout
Atmosphere: Hardcore

Indoor bodyweight workout warm up:
Quick 3-minute jog
Arm circles 30 seconds each way (forward and back) while hopping back and forth on toes.
20 Bodyweight squats
20 Toe raises
20 Jumping jacks
20 Push-Ups
10-20 Pull-Ups

Chest- arm against wall
Lunge side
Lunge front
Low squat
Forward calf and hip flexor
Bent over lower back and hamstring
Cross body back and shoulder

Workout exercises and sequence:
Pushups 25
15 (minimum) Pull-Ups
Arm circles 30 sec forward than back Keep thumbs pointing down.
Pushups 15
10 (minimum) Pull-Ups
Arm circles 30 sec forward than back
Pushups 10
5 (minimum) Pull-Ups
Arm circles 30 seconds forward and back
Skip Rope one minute
V-ups 30 sec
Squat thrusts 30 seconds
Jumping jacks 1 min
V-ups 30 sec
Knees high jog in place 30 seconds
Butt kicks jog 30 seconds Running on the spot while kicking your own butt!
Side crunches 30 per side

Rest 30 seconds-

Ab routine-
Hip rolls x20 Raising the hips and tailbone off the ground, a reverse crunch.
Crunches x20
Plank for 1 minute.
Repeat From Beginning of Circuit 3 times with no rest.