Sunday, December 22, 2013

Epic Workout Fails

 We have all had them, or will sooner or later. I know that I have made some bug mistakes that left people laughing, thankfully none of them are shown on the link below.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Finally Cleared For Exercise

Last week, after months of being sidelined from some hand reconstruction surgery, I was given the go ahead to begin working out again. As I have had too much time to think about it and I know my personal history of diving into over-done right away, I chose a simple routine to start with. This routine works with both pyramiding sets and straight sets of 10 repetitions.

This design allows those whose upper body is not as strong as they want or need it to be to build that strength while also hammering the legs hard. What it looks like is:

Push Ups 5  10  15  10   5
Pull Ups   1   2    3    2    1

Side Lunges  1x10-15
Back Lunges 1x10-15
Front Lunges 1x10-15

Bicycle Crunches or Russian Twists or Crunches
(I am going straight for the Russian Twists)
Jogging/Fast Walk 30 minute

30 Minutes Jogging/walking

How this plays out is you will be moving from one set of exercises directly to the other. Clear as mud, alright. Push ups and pull ups will be done together. Do a set of pull ups and immediately do a set of pull ups. Rest 30 seconds and repeat. If you follow this routine to the letter you will have completed 45 push ups and 9 pull ups in total. That's pretty cool.

Th leg work and the ab work I also like to do in similar rapid alternating succession. It keeps the body moving, the heart rate elevated, and gets you through the routine quick.

Too easy! Have fun, be safe, get fit!!

*****NOTE: Here is an article and a youtube link showing how to do  side lunges. *****