Thursday, March 31, 2016

Street Challenge

It has been far too long since my last piece. This time, I am coming to you all with a challenge. The past challenges I completed prior to posting about them.

Every piece I have posted contains information from my own experiences. This time, it’s very different. This is an open challenge. For the next year I am going to be doing workouts known as Street Workouts.

You may have seen some of the videos of people doing planches, handstand push-ups on parallel bars, and other amazing feats of balance, strength, and endurance.

One among the multitude of ways to begin, I have put together the following training regimen;
Bulgarian Split Squat
Box Jump
Power Plank
Clapping Push-up
Triceps Push-ups
Neck/Back Bridge

Do each of these for 3 sets of 10-15 repetitions. Two sets pull-ups (palms facing away from you) and two sets of chin-ups (palms facing toward you). The reason to include both of these exercises is simple. Pull-ups focus more on your upper back with some stress on your biceps. Conversely, chin-ups will focus more on your biceps and less on your back.

For the Bulgarian Split Squat you will need a box or a bench or the rung of a play set to put one foot on. That foot goes behind you. It will look somewhat like a lunge, but with the rear foot unable to support much weight. Now, bend your front leg slowly until your hip joint is about parallel with your knee. Once there you pause for a moment before you extend your leg and stand back up. The cadence should be steady, smooth, and slow. Right now the focus is to build our strength up for more difficult movements later.

For the Box Jump I am using the bench from my picnic table. You can use the benches at the park, too. I have done that before. With these box jumps you should try to turn around 180 degrees. Stand on the box or bench facing the direction you are going to jump. When you step off turn around so that you land facing the box. Jump up on the box so that you turn around in the air to face the direction you just jumped from.

Chin-ups and pull-ups can use a variety of gri widths. I am going to do my pull-ups with a grip of just more than shoulder’s width. My chin-ups will use a grip that is far closer. My hands will be not more than six inches apart.

The Power Plank is something absolutely new to me. Start off in the usual plank position that is with your forearms on the ground and your body held straight. You are going to flex your arms and chest suddenly so that your upper body lifts up. Your intent is to be able to straighten your arms at this point so you land on your hands.

V-Ups are fantastic. Tis will strengthen your upper and lower abs while incorporating your hip flexors. Lie flat on your back, with your arms either out to the side or back over your head. At the same time bring upper and lower body up off the ground. In this you will look like a letter V. Brings your hands up and touch your toes then lie back down. That is one repetition.

Clapping push-ups are an excellent way to develop amazing strength and awesome development.

The triceps push-up begins in the plank position. Unlike the power plank you will straighten your arms. This will focus on your triceps quite significantly.

The neck/back bridge may be familiar to those of you who have wrestled or grappled. For the rest, lie on your back and bring your feet in so that they are beneath your knees. Straighten your body from hips to your shoulders. Using your neck muscles lift your shoulders up off the ground. Once in this position you can roll to one side then the other.

Below are my pictures from today. As I start this process I will post my progress. I am looking forward to your progress as well.

I am going to post my weekly results and changes with notes and pictures. Please join in. Show it to your kids. Get them moving with you. Go to the playground with them and train. Train every single day. Eat clean and stay away from fast foods, processed foods, and other crap.To start this off here are my first pictures. As you can see, I am no 18-25 year old athlete. Here we go, folks. Let’s get things started.