Wednesday, January 4, 2017

2017 January Tabata Challenge Day 3

Wendy Repovich of Eastern Washington University writes in the abstract of her report on short term, short duration, HIIT and Tabata-style exercises that the Tabata protocol of 20 seconds of give-it-all-you-have followed by 10 seconds of I-gotta-be-crazy for eight rounds is an effective training model.

Her study looked at this method for a short duration of testing. That is, the test period lasted for three weeks. Exercise days were Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. This study was aimed at specifically intra-abdominal fat, IAF. IAF is the fat deep inside the body cavity. This is the stuff that is packed around our internal organs. Yes, we need some, but not anywhere near the extent that far too many people have. This is the stuff that gives us that big ol’ “beer belly” look. Who wants that? Really? No way.

We already know that increasing VO2 max, improving body composition and strength, as well as numerous other benefits come from this style of training. A great extra which Dr. Repovich found was that cognitive function improves, too.

Yes, getting moving, getting the heart beating, having some time outside in the fresh air all help. Were you aware that exercising also helps your brain create new brain cells? It sure does. There is an exhibit at the Maryland Science Center, a fantastic place to go if you’re in that area, which demonstrates this very nicely. I saw it several years ago and was told that the exhibit was one of the Center’s permanent displays. At any rate, strenuous activity actually makes you smarter. It builds your brain while building your body.

Some of the points Dr. Repovich et al left unanswered include doing Tabata protocol workouts on consecutive days and for more than three weeks. Folks, if you are doing this with me, you are part of science! Well, maybe not, but you are darned sure getting a great workout.

As for the 2017 January Tabata Challenge, the repetitions are increasing in both numbers and my capacity to perform is getting better. This is only, only, day three.

Post your comments. I want to see your results and how you feel with these changes to your life and person.


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