Tuesday, January 10, 2017


     One of the points relating to the Tabata Challenge that we have not discussed is the tempo at which we should be doing these. That is a point I wish to rectify here and now. It is important and it will make a difference in your training, strength, and stamina.
      Joe Weider is the Father of Modern Bodybuilding. His creativity, intelligence, curiosity, and determination paved the way for many of the greatest. Lou Ferigno, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Franco Columbu. Not to mention the hordes of athletes who train to day using the principles he developed without ever knowing who came up with these ideas.
      For this month's challenge, we are using Weider principle #27. This principle states that muscle contractions should be done as quickly as possible and the extension at a more normal speed. What this means and looks like is this:
     Push-ups; lower your chest as close to the ground/floor as you can without touching it doing so at a speed that takes two seconds. When you press against the floor to raise your body up do so explosively. It's as if you are trying to do a clapping push -up,  but not quite. This explosiveness results in more strength in less time. Studies have proven this. Time has held this as one of Joe Weider's principles. If it didn't work it wouldn't be in his list.
     You can do pull-ups with the same explosiveness. If doing free-hanging pull-ups with that much force limits you to one or two, it's not going to accomplish much. In this case, you could benefit from elastic bands to assist with the explosive reps for the first two sets. Then, lose the straps and do the best you can for the other 6 sets in the Tabata. If that means you’re doing cheats by hopping up to get your up over the bar, then so be it. Get yourself up over the bar and hold it for at least one second before beginning your decent. The decent should take about two seconds. Not that it will destroy the universe if you are unable to hold that pace. You are, after all, employing some intense techniques to really burn out your muscles. Another option might be having a friend help you up over the top so you can focus on the negative portion. There's nothing wrong with that.
     Employ explosiveness and enjoy newfound strength.
     Train daily. Train hard. Be strong.

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