Monday, January 23, 2017

2017 January Tabata Challenge Week Four

       If you have kids in public school or know anyone who does, then you are familiar with the dreaded Crud. You have seen how it comes in, tears guts apart, disrupts routines, and leaves people & routines in shambles. My friends, my household is no exception to that. With four kids, one a senior in high school, two in middle school, and one yet in grade school we get samples from all of the local public Petri dishes.
       Sad to say, this last few days has been far too ... interesting to get the final session of Week Three for the Tabata in.
       But, Week Four is here! This continues to be a month of great learning, training, and growth!
       Hey ... before I forget, here is my requisite selfie ... in the bathroom mirror ... at week three. I am down 7 pounds from when we started this crazy thing.My abs are visible again. Last time they were reported seen was between Halloween and Thanksgiving.
       From the No-Cost, No-Excuses, No-Budget Basement Gym, Train Safe, Train Hard, Train for Life

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