Monday, January 23, 2017

Exercise Naked???

Helen Smith,photo is from The Sun. 
       Here at Family, Fitness, Fun we are always looking for something new and interesting to try. In this writer's lifetime a lot has been seen on domestic (that is to say American) and foreign shores. From the oddly satisfying yet deeply twisted Sugar Cookie of Coronado (not that I am or ever was SEAL, because I have NEVER been to BUD/S, I've just been put through these, what's the right word? Things) to nude beaches and private clubs. Rest assured that most people at the latter are those you DON'T want to see there in any case.
       Which brings us to this article that happened to fall on my inbox this morning. The British paper, tabloid, rag, rodent-bedding-stuff ... ? ... posted a piece on 35 year old fitness trainer and former recruitment consultant Helen Smith is now leading groups in nude fitness. She says that someone on a forum asked if this was a service she offered. Being a naturalist, read as "nudist", she decided to give it a go.
       She certainly seems to be drawing in the 33 to 70 year old male demographic,  asked on the photos. Yes, the article, linked below, has some pictures. I warn you, even though most of the people are seen from behind, these are not, I repeat, these are NOT the bums you are looking for.
       Ms. Smith comments on her feelings regarding being at the forefront of a new fitness trend. I wouldn't quite say that this is a trend, not by any definition I know. Last time I tried to tell my wife I was going to dance around, get sweaty, while naked, in a room of men aged 33 to 70 while watching a naked "fitness" instructor ... well, I wasn't allowed to go to bars any longer.
       Without any further delay or ado, here's that link.

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