Sunday, September 29, 2013

5 Minute Drills

 ::EDITORIAL NOTE:: After my first day of this challenge I am going to be doing it every other day. It seems to make more sense for me to be able to recover a day. If you can do it daily, five days a week, more power to you. Tell us your progress, please.

We finished the 30 Day Burpee challenge and took a week off for full recuperation. The daily workouts, stopped. The daily diet, not a chance. Now it is time for a new challenge, a new workout to get us moving and into fighting shape. I challenge you to do 5 Minutes Drills. This is an awesome dual purpose routine combining strength training and cardio in an efficient system.

This is a workout that is going to work about every muscle group in your body except your neck muscles. But, you can add neck bridges if you like. When I put this one together several years ago I was interested in Interval Training. I still am interested in intervals, they are fun. This routine is designed your heart pumping and your lings working hard. Cardio is a factor here. This is accomplished by doing each of the 5 minutes blocks without stopping and without resting in between. Doing the routine at a moderate pace, minimum, will result in your heart and lungs really being worked. If you are like me, you will go into each exercise at 80% intensity or better.

The muscles are getting a good push, too. Particularly in the Bodybuilders. This is where you will need some equipment. This point and the jump rope would be the only times in the workout that this is true. You must have a place to do pull-ups. Start standing tall, squat down and place your hands on the ground. Now, kick your feet back so that you are in a full plank with your arms straight. Do a push-up. Do it as hard and as forceful as you can. Quickly pull your feet back in to where they were at the start and jump. While you are in the air try pulling your knees up to your chest before you have to straighten them and land on your feet. Once you have your feet on the ground again grab your overhead bar and do a pull-up. That is one count. Do that for 5 minutes.

The other exercises are fairly common and you should have no trouble with them. You can also substitute Russian Twists for the Bicycle Crunches if you prefer.

The workout is a series of 6 exercises that will be performed for 5 minutes at a time. Yes ,5 minutes for each exercise.

Jumping Jacks
Mountain Climbers
Bicycle Crunches
Pogo Hops
Jump Rope

That's it, folks. 30 minutes of digging deep to do more each day. What days of the week are we doing this on? Monday through Friday. I am thinking 4 weeks for this challenge, I may go ahead and do 8 weeks. This mix of exercises is going to burn fat fast. It also gives you an excuse to use your kids jungle gym for the bodybuilders. Share it with your teens as a challenge, who is the better man.

I will post my body weight and body fat changes over the coming weeks. Enjoy your training time.

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  1. I have challenged you all to join me. I am starting sat 212 pounds and 21.5% body fat