Saturday, September 7, 2013

Walking and Health

Let's face it, Americans are getting fatter. I am not a doctor, so check with yours about what I am telling you, but statistics show that one in three Americans are obese. As a nation, we are getting fatter. The truth is, as adults and parents, it is our responsibility to do something about it. Get it straight, this is not for the government to solve, not a pill or drug to solve it, but our own choice. If you worry about your kids being obese as children, then you must get off the couch and start walking.

Take a look at the benefits that you will feel yourself and share with your children. Walking is easy. Just as easy as turning off the computers and TVs.

One benefit of walking is it strengthens your bones and, by keeping moving, lowers your risk of arthritis. How cool is that? You don't necessarily have to take a calcium pill and extra vitamin D or a medication to improve your bone health. Get outside in the sun (vitamin D production in your body will drastically increase). As your D increases this will allow your body to absorb the calcium that your are taking in.

According to a 1996 report done by the Cooper institute in Dallas, TX that was also supported by the Surgeon General exercising helps lower your risks of several diseases. Many of which are cardiovascular. This report advises 30 minutes, at least, of moderate exercise seven days a week. Yes, every day. Try to see it as moving more every day that you are in your body.

I get, it, life is often a four letter word. Not many people find that they have a 30 minute block of time every day. So, get a pedometer or a FitBit ( to track your walking. It's too easy!

Walking, a moderate exercise, strengthens your bones, keeps your joints healthy, reduces your risk of heart disease, and it lifts your mood. When exercising, our bodies release endorphins into our brains. Endorphins are the feel-good chemicals.

Walking, all it costs is some good sneakers. Take your family with you and make certain that you are living better together.

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