Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I Challenge You!

This is going to be a simple challenge in that it has few moving parts. The catch is, it will be harsh.

The fitness challenge which I am planning is a combination of the high intensity interval training (HIIT) and endurance. As I have been writing, the HIIT training is going to force my system to become more efficient at using oxygen and removing lactic acid. This part of the training is also going to rapidly increase my leg strength and muscular capacity. That is, according to all the scientific studies I have been reading. Also, my own experience in the past with Tabata drills and other HIIT routines.

The bicycle riding is an endurance and cardio event. We are familiar with how the low impact, moderately paced cardio workouts burn fat after 20 minutes.

By combining the two routines we, if you also take this challenge, will see a significant drop in body fat along with an increase in our overall aerobic capacity.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Drop Set Pull-Push Routine; Interval Runs (2 mile minimum); Bicycle Crunches (2 min)

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
Bicycle Riding, for me, 20.4 miles

If you are still reading this, then the challenge is for you to get up and get going. I am going to be posting my progress. You can substitute the bicycle ride with a long run/jog or a good swim. Join me with this for 4 weeks.

Join me and post your progress. I am starting off with a body weight of 216 pounds and a body fat percentage of 22%.

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  1. As Week 2 of this challenge has gotten underway I am posting my stats. I am still at 216 pounds, but my body fat percentage has dropped to 20%. That is a loss of 4 pounds of fat in one week.

    What have you seen in your first week?