Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Exercise "as good as medicines" in treating heart disease

That is the title of the article in Reuters. Those of us who exercise regularly have been told this by our doctors for years. Actually, regular exercisers or not, we have all been hearing this for years. We know it to be true. Moderate cardio helps. All out, gut busting sprint workouts help.

Exercise helps people who are recovering from strokes. It helps veterans with PTSD to be calmer. Exercise does not even require a prescription.

This link is for the entire article.

"Patients deserve to understand ..."
Yes, we do understand. We have been hearing the results for years. Now it is time to put action to what we know.

Get up and go lower your diabetes risks, lower your blood pressure, lower your body fat percentage. Do this so that you can give the people who love you more of you for a longer time. You deserve better than the chemically synthesized "moderate" benefit of medicines. Tell your doctor your plans.

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